Sunday, June 20, 2010

Influencing Your World

By Joseph Akinola
TO HAVE AN INFLUENCE TO A PARTICULAR THING MEANS, YOU HAVE GOTTEN A GRIP OF IT. And you know that no one will get a grip being empty.
It all begins with your personal Values.
Influence begins with your values and your values emerge from the things you value.
Influence begins with your vision. What's your vision for your world and the future generation?
Before you can influence your world, you need to influence your immediate environment.
Influence begins with your differences and your uniqueness. What are the things you do differently and that distinguish you from others, even by nature?
Influence has to do with what your passion is. Where does your passion lie?
Influencing your world is/means you are affecting your world with the virtues you carry.
The virtues you carry begins with what your passion and character is, also what you care so much about and what you value so much in your life and in people's life.
Influencing your world makes or automatically turns you to a Role Model to your world.
A man who had influenced his world would be and would always be recognized as a world changer.
To influence means to 'affect positively or negatively'.
To influence your world is to cause a change in your world positively, educationally, professionally, academically, socially or otherwise.
To influence your world means to infect and affect your world intentionally with the values you believe in, with the principles that had made you (the person you are now), with the knowledge that had transformed you.
Influencing your world doesn't just start from your world, it would start from your very self (your personal development, personal awareness, your personal growth), it would then radiate and extend to your immediate environment and from there, your environment will blow it up to the world at large.
Ingredients For Influencing Your World
1          Character
Your character speaks or says a lot about your personality. Your character is you in action. Character means steady. Your character is the repetition of your habits. Your character is deliberate, whether you know when you exhibit it or not.
2.         Integrity
This is you saying 'yes' and it is found to be 'yes'. Integrity is you saying yes and you are doing yes. Integrity is not compromising the standards given to you.
3.         Vision
Vision is very essential.
Before you can influence your world, vision is very necessary and important. Vision is critical to INFLUENCE. A man who would influence his world will be a man of discipline. Vision disciplines the vision carrier.
4.         Diligence
Diligence means 'Daily Commitment To What You Do'. Diligence causes Growth. Diligence causes Increase. Diligence causes you to Go Beyond the limit set for or against you or a barrier.
Diligence is committing yourself daily to what you do and this eventually graduates you into Skillfulness. Skillfulness announces you; it positions and projects you as an authority to your world; an authority in the sense that, you command results cheaply even in the terrible and trying moments in your field.

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