Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Read Faster and Better?

By Peter Sturo

People should know how to read faster and better because it is necessary to survive in this age of competition. They should read faster with better comprehension else they have to face several problems in their life. Reading without comprehension is useless because the reader will not be able to understand the meanings of the text. Intelligent people focus on comprehension along with the speed of reading. Readers can adopt various techniques to increase their speed of reading such as:

1) Vocalization reduces reading speed because readers need time to pronounce words loudly or in their minds. Elimination of vocalization or subvocalization can increase your speed but decreases your comprehension level.

2) Readers should read blocks of words instead of reading them separately because it takes more time than reading chunks of words. Reading sentences or phrases at a time is very helpful to increase your reading speed.

3) You should not re-read a word or text that you have already read because it disturbs your eye movement and flow of mind. Therefore you should try to read a text only for once to read faster.

4) A reader can adopt different methods to practice fast reading. Move your placeholder faster and try to keep words in your memory to find out their meanings. The movement of placeholder should be constant else it would be difficult to read faster and better. You can use any of the following method to practice fast reading.

You can place your hand on the text and move it down as your read. Move it constantly to regularize the movement of your eyes.
  You can use an index card to cover the text below your reading position. In this way you can focus on a line at one time therefore it also helps to increase your comprehension level.
  You can move your hand quickly under your reading position in sweep method. Your hand should work in a single unit otherwise it can create problem for your comprehension.
  You can bounce your hand on the text which you are reading to read faster and better. Read your text at even pace with constant movement to increase your reading speed.

Whatever method you choose you should motivate yourself to achieve your desired results. You should practice in proper light and avoid distractions to read faster. You should make it a habit to read on daily basis because it will increase your reading speed and comprehension level. Above methods are useful but they require long time to increase reading speed therefore people use various tools to obtain desired results quickly.

However, in short it would be difficult to learn how to []read faster and better without the help of useful tools. These tools not only focus on speed reading but increase comprehension level of a reader. Readers should know basic steps to increase their speed with good comprehension else they cannot make it possible. After comparison and necessary study of various features of Speed Reader-X, we come to know that it is the best choice for serious readers.

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