Saturday, June 12, 2010

How to Start a Computer Business - Getting Started

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By Veronica Valentine

The great news is that anybody can start a computer business without paying in cash at time of purchase. To run a prosperous computer business, you must be a real jack-of-all-trades.

Computer hardware business is a right choice. To enter and succeed in your computer hardware business, you must have the capability of assembling, selling, and servicing computers.

Sometimes, you may overrate your capability in one or more of the essential skills. Some of the more commonly overlooked skills are accounting, customer relations, inventory control, purchasing, setting prices, software troubleshooting, and time management. You should be up to date in all these skills.

You should not concentrate on setting up the infrastructure of your office for a thriving business before you start selling a few computers or earned something from your training programs. Do not invest money in loading your basement with material racks or benches cabled for networking. You should never mortgage your house or borrow money for the development of your business.

You must choose right vendors for buying the computer pheripherals; some vendors may be good at some things and other vendor may be good at some other things. If necessary, you may ask your possible customers where they currently buy their computers, computer pheripherals, and services, and why they selected those vendors. You should maintain good relationship with your vendors. You must maintain all the paperwork in separate file folder. None of the vendor will take the defective items back without the paperwork.

Whatever the business you do, such as selling software, hardware, or services, you are invariably accepting some level of responsibility. When you reached a position to support yourself by starting a new computer business, the foremost thing you must know is "how much money you want to take home every week." The most speculative mistake you can cause is undervaluing the amount of money you require to maintain with the up-to-date lifestyle.

The most reliable thing you can do while developing your business is to sell your time. If you can acquire a part-time work such as doing training or developing software, immediately, your business will gain net profit. In the computer business, even the small amount money you are spending on any activity is accounted for your success and failure. So, be careful in handling the money; it is strongly recommended that at least in the sprouting stage, you should handle money for yourself. You may outsource bookkeeping and tax preparations; however, you cannot outsource budgeting and decision making. Be smart and gain more!

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