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Tips on How to Read Faster

By Gillian Reynolds

Reading is one of those skills you just must do in life. The biggest drawback to it is that when you are faced with having to read a large amount of text you know that it's going to take a substantial amount of time. There are tips on how to read faster that can give you a bit of an advantage though.

One of the best tips on how to read faster is to not read out loud. You may think that most adults don't, but the truth is many of us do it without even realizing it. If you tend to read the newspaper or a novel when you are alone pay close attention to whether or not you are reading out loud. If you are that's a habit you have to break right now. Even if you silently move your lips to form the words that is slowing you down and needs to stop.

Another way to increase reading speed is to practice reading sometimes. This isn't like the practice reading you did back in grammar school. This is one of the tips on how to read faster that works for both kids and adults though. The focus here is to read something faster than you normally would. Push yourself to get through the text quickly and then reread it to see how much of the information you actually did pick up your first time through. Doing this reading exercise on a regular basis can actually increase your reading time substantially.

Remember when you were first learning how to read and you would run your finger along the bottom of the text? Start doing that again if you want to learn to read faster. The pace by which you move your finger is directly related to how quickly you read. So it only stands to reason that if you want to read faster you need to move your finger at a quicker rate. Try this the next time you read. You'll be amazed at how it helps you speed up your reading pace.

The average adult reads at a rate of just 250 words per minute. This can dramatically impact your success in both school and career environments. You have a distinct advantage once you learn how to increase your reading speed. For more helpful tips on how to become a fast reader visit this helpful site [].

It's possible for anyone to learn to read at a rate of 25,000 words per minute [] while retaining that information in your long term memory. You owe it to yourself to learn this skill. It will change your life.

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How to Read Faster and Better?

By Peter Sturo

People should know how to read faster and better because it is necessary to survive in this age of competition. They should read faster with better comprehension else they have to face several problems in their life. Reading without comprehension is useless because the reader will not be able to understand the meanings of the text. Intelligent people focus on comprehension along with the speed of reading. Readers can adopt various techniques to increase their speed of reading such as:

1) Vocalization reduces reading speed because readers need time to pronounce words loudly or in their minds. Elimination of vocalization or subvocalization can increase your speed but decreases your comprehension level.

2) Readers should read blocks of words instead of reading them separately because it takes more time than reading chunks of words. Reading sentences or phrases at a time is very helpful to increase your reading speed.

3) You should not re-read a word or text that you have already read because it disturbs your eye movement and flow of mind. Therefore you should try to read a text only for once to read faster.

4) A reader can adopt different methods to practice fast reading. Move your placeholder faster and try to keep words in your memory to find out their meanings. The movement of placeholder should be constant else it would be difficult to read faster and better. You can use any of the following method to practice fast reading.

You can place your hand on the text and move it down as your read. Move it constantly to regularize the movement of your eyes.
  You can use an index card to cover the text below your reading position. In this way you can focus on a line at one time therefore it also helps to increase your comprehension level.
  You can move your hand quickly under your reading position in sweep method. Your hand should work in a single unit otherwise it can create problem for your comprehension.
  You can bounce your hand on the text which you are reading to read faster and better. Read your text at even pace with constant movement to increase your reading speed.

Whatever method you choose you should motivate yourself to achieve your desired results. You should practice in proper light and avoid distractions to read faster. You should make it a habit to read on daily basis because it will increase your reading speed and comprehension level. Above methods are useful but they require long time to increase reading speed therefore people use various tools to obtain desired results quickly.

However, in short it would be difficult to learn how to []read faster and better without the help of useful tools. These tools not only focus on speed reading but increase comprehension level of a reader. Readers should know basic steps to increase their speed with good comprehension else they cannot make it possible. After comparison and necessary study of various features of Speed Reader-X, we come to know that it is the best choice for serious readers.

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How to Start a Computer Business - Getting Started

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By Veronica Valentine

The great news is that anybody can start a computer business without paying in cash at time of purchase. To run a prosperous computer business, you must be a real jack-of-all-trades.

Computer hardware business is a right choice. To enter and succeed in your computer hardware business, you must have the capability of assembling, selling, and servicing computers.

Sometimes, you may overrate your capability in one or more of the essential skills. Some of the more commonly overlooked skills are accounting, customer relations, inventory control, purchasing, setting prices, software troubleshooting, and time management. You should be up to date in all these skills.

You should not concentrate on setting up the infrastructure of your office for a thriving business before you start selling a few computers or earned something from your training programs. Do not invest money in loading your basement with material racks or benches cabled for networking. You should never mortgage your house or borrow money for the development of your business.

You must choose right vendors for buying the computer pheripherals; some vendors may be good at some things and other vendor may be good at some other things. If necessary, you may ask your possible customers where they currently buy their computers, computer pheripherals, and services, and why they selected those vendors. You should maintain good relationship with your vendors. You must maintain all the paperwork in separate file folder. None of the vendor will take the defective items back without the paperwork.

Whatever the business you do, such as selling software, hardware, or services, you are invariably accepting some level of responsibility. When you reached a position to support yourself by starting a new computer business, the foremost thing you must know is "how much money you want to take home every week." The most speculative mistake you can cause is undervaluing the amount of money you require to maintain with the up-to-date lifestyle.

The most reliable thing you can do while developing your business is to sell your time. If you can acquire a part-time work such as doing training or developing software, immediately, your business will gain net profit. In the computer business, even the small amount money you are spending on any activity is accounted for your success and failure. So, be careful in handling the money; it is strongly recommended that at least in the sprouting stage, you should handle money for yourself. You may outsource bookkeeping and tax preparations; however, you cannot outsource budgeting and decision making. Be smart and gain more!

Veronica Valentine is an accomplished niche website developer and author. 

To learn more about computer businesses [], please visit
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Read Faster, Read Smarter

By Michael Southon

The Internet is a new continent where the maps are
constantly changing. What was a small stream becomes a
roaring river. What was a desert becomes a lush green

To keep up with the changing landscape of the Internet
you must read. And the best place to read about new
developments on the Internet is in Newsletters or

But you may not be reading efficiently.

Did you know that most of us use only 4% to 10% of our
mental abilities?

Speed reading is not just about reading faster; it's
about learning to use much more of the extraordinary
powers of the Mind.

When you read, are you aware of an inner voice that
follows the words as your eyes move across the page or
the computer screen? This inner voice is called
'subvocalization'. You probably experience it as a
slight movement in the tongue or throat region. As
long as you subvocalize, you limit your reading to the
speed of normal speech, to about 300 w.p.m.

The Mind is capable of thinking much faster than that.
So when you subvocalize, you're literally holding back
your mind.

Try this exercise:

As you read, count to yourself, silently, from one to
ten. Or, repeat the sound 'Eee', 'Eee', 'Eee'. It will
be impossible to do this at the same time as
subvocalizing, so this is an excellent way of breaking
the habit of subvocalization.

As you do this exercise, you'll become aware that
you're no longer processing the words in the
tongue/throat region but in an area called 'thought
stream' that you experience in the top of your head.

Thought stream moves much faster than subvocalization.
And that's why people who subvocalize often have
comprehension problems.

There's a mismatch between reading speed and thinking
speed. The Mind is constantly racing ahead of the
inner voice and so it gets bored. You experience this
as an inability to hold your attention on what you're
reading. You have to back-skip words, or read the same
line twice.

As your reading speed catches up with your thinking
speed, reading becomes much less tiring and your
comprehension improves.

Once you've got a feeling for reading in 'thought
stream', the next thing to do is speed up your eye
movements. This will also help break the habit of
sub-vocalization, since your eyes will be moving
faster than you can possibly subvocalize.

Your eyes move across the written page in a series of
quick jumps. Between each jump there's a stop lasting
a fraction of second, called a 'fixation'. The
fixation is when the eye actually takes in the written

The untrained eye takes about a quarter of a second at
each fixation, and takes in 2 or 3 words per fixation.

By speeding up you eye movements, you'll learn to make
fewer fixations per line and take in more words per

Try this exercise:

If you use a glass 'anti-glare' screen, draw 2
vertical lines in felt-tip, 5 cms apart, so that you
have a strip 5 cms wide located over the middle of the
text you are reading.

Now move your eyes in a 'Z' pattern down this central
strip, at a speed faster slightly faster than is

Because your Mind is not reading each word, it is
forced to 'fill in the gaps'. This engages much more
of the Mind, since it has to build associations and
patterns in the written material. This in turn leads
to greater comprehension and increased memory of what
was read.

This technique takes advantage of the fact that much
of written English is highly redundant; a lot of words
can be skipped without any loss of meaning.

When your eyes move down a central strip of the text,
you also engage much more of your peripheral vision.
And that in turn brings the right hemisphere of the
brain into the reading process. You make much more use
of the right-brain's ability to synthesize and build
relationships within the material.

So speed reading is not just about reading faster; it
also allows you to access much more of the brain and
thereby increases your comprehension and creativity.

For an excellent, free, speed-reading course, visit:

- The Speed Reading Course

 Here are some more free speed-reading sites:

 - The Study Hall Free Speed Reading Programs

- Road To Reading Home []

- University of Texas Speed Reading

 - Speed Reading Links

 - ReadRace: Free Java application for speed reading

 - Personal Enrichment : Speed Reading


Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3

years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this

simple technique to build a successful online business. Click

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Learn to Read Faster With These Proven Yet Simple Methods

By Douglas Robert

If you think "speed reading" only works for some people, think again. Not only is it possible to learn to read faster, it's actually easy to do so. If you keep reading the way you learned as a child, you can't expect a vastly different result. Most people get stuck there.

But if you learn and implementation some new techniques, you can significantly improve your reading rate. One thing you'll need to remember though is this: for any improvement to last, you'll have to practice. That means using these techniques regularly.

Your very first step to faster reading is to get to grip on the material in advance. Gain an overview of the book you're about to read. Check out the front and back covers, as well as the inside sleeve of the dust jacket. This usually gives you an overview -- a general understanding of the material covered. Next, scan through the table of contents, introduction, the concluding chapter and any appendices included.

Your intention is to quickly piece together a framework of the text. This helps you make sense of the major points the author wants to convey. As you preview the material, create a mental mind map - a basic structure of the text as you understand it at this early juncture. What you're essentially doing is "framing" the material so your brain can more easily grasp it.

After scanning the major sections above, preview the most dominant visual components of the book, one chapter at a time. This includes titles, sub-titles, bold, italicized, highlighted or different colored text. Take note of anything that stands out on the page including text boxes, call-outs, photographs, charts and graphs, illustrations and so on. Remember, you are still in the previewing stage, so continue to scan at a rapid pace.

In just minutes, you can preview the entire text and have a broad grasp of the content in advance of reading every page. Previewing gives you the confidence to read faster, knowing that you're not going to miss out on any significant information. Now as you begin to read, you're doing so with a foundational understanding of the material presented.

You will learn to read faster simply by previewing the content and piecing together the structure of a book in your mind in advance. It simply means changing the way you were taught to read in the beginning.

Old habits are the number one obstacle to faster reading. Most of us learned words by sounding out individual letters, then syllables, then words and phrases. and it's this very process that causes most people to read at a rate far below their capacity. Change your ways and you can dramatically improve your reading speed. And the first habit to about with nonfiction material is to gain a structural overview of the content as a preliminary step.

As you venture into the actual reading of the text, begin to take in larger chunks of information. The brain has an amazing ability to absorb information rapidly, but many never expand beyond a basic reading level.

You can learn to read faster when you begin to scoop up phrases, lines, sentences and paragraphs in single scoops. Taking in bigger bites actually aids in comprehension because it provides contextual meaning. You're no longer reading individual words, but complete thoughts and ideas as units. As you descend down the written page, you are fully engaged and attentive.

Reading at a faster rate requires focus. You can't achieve breakthrough speeds without a concentrated effort.

Speed reading is active reading. That's why you need to look for clues as you go. With each new section, ask yourself -- What is the main idea here? Investigate as you proceed. Seek out the essential information by asking - why did the author include this segment?

Anyone can learn to read faster. Adopting these ideas and applying them habitually will make a dramatic difference in your reading speed. But like any other worthwhile skill, repetition is the key to turning simple information into real value for you.

Want to   learn to read faster today? You absolutely can! All it takes are a few basic techniques and you can easily double or triple your reading rate. Anyone can do this -- what about YOU? Visit my site now for more FREE TIPS, techniques, tactics and helpful resources:

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Motivational Programs Can Help You Get What You Want Out of Life - 3 Steps to Finding Your Success

By Sunny James

The power of motivational programs to help change peoples lives is just phenomenal.

There are several people longing for a change in their life and only few are brave enough to go on to make that positive change to get what they truly want out of life for themselves.

If you are someone who is unhappy with your life then here are

3 steps to getting the life that you want for yourself.

Step no. 1 Get yourself involved in a motivational program. They help to give you the motivation and drive to go after your dreams and achieve them.

Step no. 2 - Apply what you learn from the motivational program. The important thing is to not just hearing what you need to do but to start to take action and go forward towards reaching your success of your goal. Because as you start to take action it no longer is just a dream it now starts to become a reality .

Step no. 3 - Motivational programs help to keep us inspired when all else seems to be lost you can reflect back on the program and the stories of success for others let this keep inspiring yourself that you can also find your own success.

The fact is that most folks are not leaders they are followers and there fore need to have someone direct them to what it is that they need to do.

Success for yourself can be easier than you think.

Now get busy applying this in your life.

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Sunny James is a motivational speaker & life coach who has helped hundreds of others to get the results & success they wanted with their life in as fast as 90 days.

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